Where did the term “crunch the numbers” come from, anyway? It first emerged as a slang term referring to large-scale computer processing of financial calculations. Your business runs on sound financial advice. Our business is to provide the information you need to make sound financial decisions. Crunch Consulting provides business services ranging from tax preparation to recommending performance strategies.

Joseph Werle

CEO & Founder / Financial Consultant

Joseph Werle, CEO & Founder of Crunch Consulting has nearly 20 years of experience providing financial assistance to clients. His philosophy of creating relationship-based client services and personal one-on-one attention is at the core of Crunch Consulting. Born and raised in Houston, Joseph has a BBA/MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas.

Karl Hipolito

Lead Accountant

Karl takes initiative to achieve set goals. Passion to lead fuels him to reach greater heights—all an added-value. He provides accounting, bookkeeping, and other services for the firm—all set to crunch numbers.  In 2022, he implemented daily social media posts for Crunch as well as bi-monthly newsletter.  Karl has provided immense value to Crunch as he continues to strive and thrive to do the best for the clients as well as learning and improving on the daily.

A picture of Xero the Hero, our Chief Security Officer

Xero "the Hero"

CSO - Chief Security Officer

Xero “the Hero” joined the Crunch family on December 16, 2022 as our Chief Security Officer.  He helps the CEO make sure he’s doing his part but, but also when he’s not with the right hand man of Crunch, he’s roaming around making sure that the thieves and crooks of the world stay away from all the sensitive information.  He’s already caught a couple vermin and taken them out.  The CEO Joseph provides him with many praises and treats to keep him doing a great job.

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