Covid-19 Support

COVID-19 Business Services Support

The COVID-19 health crisis is forcing many organizations to rethink how they do business. Crunch Consulting can help you by addressing operational challenges in a socially distanced environment. Let us focus on your financials so you can focus on what matters most – your customers – even if it is from six feet away.

We help small businesses perform more effectively.

Cash. People. Operations. Your small business is a complex organization of interrelated processes – many of which have been disrupted by the current COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever, your relationship with customers is key. We can help you keep your focus there by assisting you with everything from supply chain logistics to knowing what’s tax-deductible in relation to this health crisis.

Entrepreneurs, C-Suiters and accountants rely on our expertise.

The speed of business moves faster for entrepreneurs, which means that the impact of COVID-19 may have hit where it hurts. We specialize in helping startups and entrepreneurs deploy best practices. We also consult corporate execs, accounting teams and other departments on budget control, forecasting and profit and loss strategies.

We’ve studied up on the Internal Revenue Service and stimulus packages.

Even the IRS has been critically impacted by the novel coronavirus. With assistance limited to the organization’s automated phone service, we’re here to advocate and answer your tax-related questions. We offer guidance with personal, nonprofit, and business taxes.

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