Cryptocurrency: Walk through

Planning to dive into cryptocurrency and decentralized finance? Here at Crunch, we got you covered!

Bitcoin has recently flipped Meta (Facebook) as to market capitalization and is expected to continuously grow through time. Our experienced financial experts will provide insights regarding future projections and its corresponding tax implications.


Bitcoin works as a decentralized digital currency stored in a digital wallet, which can be traded or held depending on the owner’s discretion. In years’ time, the vision is for it to be accepted as every country’s legal tender.

Come to think of it: 21,000,000 maximum supply. When demand kicks in, price will surge, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Currently, BTC is still not subject to wash sale rule; thus, saving cash from federal taxes. We will help you walk through with that—an assurance. 

What’s in it for you?

Peer-to-peer guidance as to the sentiments of crypto market and suggest plans moving forward. Tax updates are a plus! 

Through careful planning and real-time tax updates, we can unlock financial goals—together.

Helium - The People's Network

Crunch previously partnered with Go HNT-ing LLC in providing Helium machine installations, earnings share, and other services it may need within the Helium ecosystem.

What you need to know

Helium Hotspot allows users to utilize a wireless network coverage in public, which will then be incentivized through HNT token inside the blockchain.
In short, you can earn HNT by simply requesting a Helium machine.  We own the machine, you simply host it and earn a portion of the earnings.
We will provide information and guide on the entire process of installation, mining, management, and consultation.
We are with you along the way — assurance that everything is on the right track.

Cost Efficient

Full-time accountants can be costly. Crunch offers comprehensive financial consulting services that help save businesses money.

Problem Solving

Are you experiencing issues with cash flow, debt management, tax preparation, or banking relationships? No worries, our consultants are problem solvers.

Strategies for Success

Let a financial advisor prepare a detailed overview of your current finances and help you plan for your company’s future, so your profits are predictable.

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