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Take a look at our monthly package prices (each package requires a one-year minimum term, renewing annually for an additional year long term), individually priced services, or contact us to customize pricing for a specific services and/or projects.


$ 459*# Monthly
  • Our Silver plan includes:
  • One Individual 1040 Tax Return (regular only, not NR forms)
  • One Business (1065, 1120, or 1120-S) Tax Return
  • Xero Cashbook Plan+
  • Quarterly Account Reconciliations
  • Unparalleled Customer Experience
  • Mainly for companies with gross revenue of <$250k/year*


$ 649*# Monthly
  • Everything included in the Silver package, plus:
  • 40 minute Quarterly Consulting Call
  • Monthly Account Reconciliations
  • Quarterly Tax Projections
  • Sales & Use Tax Return Filing for one state
  • Regular payroll (not including processing fees) for up to 6 employees in a Company (ERC or R&D extra cost/charge, if applicable)
  • Mainly for companies with gross revenue of >$250k to <$750k*


$ 819*# Monthly
  • Everything included in the Silver and Gold packages, plus:
  • 40 minute Monthly Consulting Call
  • Full Service Accounting
  • County Business Property Tax Filing for one jurisdiction
  • Comprehensive Financial Insights
  • Growth Advisory
  • Mostly for companies with gross revenue of >$750k/year*

Personal Tax Returns



Form 1040
(with no numbered schedules)
– $150 –

Form 1040
(with 1 numbered schedule)
– $250 –

Form 1040
(with 2 numbered schedule)
– $350 –

Tax Planning
– Minimum $239 –

Fee for additional forms
$25 to $250 each
(based on complexity)


Provide a copy of your prior year tax return and your bill for it, and we will provide you with a competitive quote — contact us today!

Bookkeeping / Consulting

$120 / $180***



*** Electronic (email) communication is always included for BASIC questions to existing clients

Business Tax Returns



Form 1041
– $1,250 –

Form 990-EZ
– $1,250 –

Form 1065/1120/1120S
– $1,500 –

Form 990
– $1,750 –

Tax Planning
– Minimum $299 –

** Pricing listed does not include rush fees. A fee of $100 is encountered for services performed 2 weeks or less prior to a deadline or $200 for services performed 1 week or less prior to a deadline.

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